We believe all students can participate with running and develop a variety of skills that will benefit the student for their future positively. Coach Axtman's training principles are the following. 

Enjoyment - coach and athlete's expectations have to be aligned
Rest and Recovery - feeling excited about the next hard training          session
Hard/Easy method of training - mixing the energy systems
Moderate Training Loads & Diaphragmatic Breathing
Consistency - staying healthy, injury free, use of non-weight    bearing activities.
Pace Judgement- know your racing rhythms Tempo vs Goal pace
Goal Oriented - Staying focused - positive expectations
Diet- Hydration - Vitamin D3, Iron,
Running Mechanics - Strong hips, gluts, hamstrings = postural strength


Our History

Alex Lanza

Ty Axtman

Former Boise State University Cross Country/Track and Field Athlete.  Coach Axtman began his running career his freshman year and learned quickly the hard work you put into Cross Country pays off at the end of the season. Axtman worked his way through the ranks of his team starting out as the  7th boy on Elma High Schools team and finished his Freshman year placing 4th at district meet leading the Eagles to their first ever District title. 

During Axtman's past 12 years coaching at Timberline High School he has coached 35 all state cross country runners, one individual state champion, one individual NXN qualifier, 1 state championship team, 4 state team runner ups, and 9 state placing teams Coach Axtman is committed to develop today's youth as runners and individuals. 

Coach Axtman's high school personal bests are:

High School:
5k-15:28, 3k- 8:36, 3200-9:12, 1600-4:17, 800-1:55.3

Coach Axtman's Collegiate accomplishments included being named the 2006 Western Athletic Conference MVP and High Point Scorer at the Track and Field Conference meet.

Axtman's college PR's include:
10k-30:30, 8k-23:56, 5k-14:04, 3k steeple-9:09, 1 mile-4:06,1500-3:48, 800 -1:52

Coach Axtman Believes in: Hardwork, personal respect for yourself and others, goal setting, believing in your goals, and a harmonious and synergistic team atmosphere.

Bachelors Degree Boise State University, Communications.
Bachelors Degree Boise State University, Special Education.
Masters Degree Boise State University, Educational Leadership.

Andrew Rafla

Evan Atha​

Fran Zander

Our Coaches

1998 – Timberline High School opens its door. Wolf PACK Cross Country enters the state.
2010 – Ty Axtman begins coaching at Timberline High School. Leads the boys team to its first ever state place with a 2nd place finish. 
2014 – Girls program earns first Team Trophy with 2nd place finish at state. 
2017Both boys and girls teams qualify for state Boys place 3rd at state with a close finish for the state championship.

2018 –


Both boys and girls teams qualify for the state championships. Boys place 2nd losing the state title by 1 point. Girls place 4th at state. Timberline finishes the season the #1 overall combined XC team in the state of Idaho. 

​Best TEAM finish in program history! Boys bring home the programs first State Championship. Girls team finishes the season ranked in the top 30 of the country and finish a strong 2nd place at state. 

Timberline Cross Country is committed to developing all athletes on the team. Team consists of 100+ distance runners, 70 boys 35 girls. With one of the largest and most competitive combined teams in the state of Idaho. 


Who We Are

Timberline Cross Country 

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